All 4 Vocabulary Books as a Bundle

Only 40,00$

“750 Essential Words for A1 Level”, “1650 Essential Words for A2 Level”, and “1850 Essential Words for B1” and “2350 words to reach B2 Level” are the ultimate vocabulary companions for anyone striving to enhance their proficiency in Russian. Specifically crafted for beginners, these books offer a systematic approach to expanding vocabulary and mastering language skills.

Each book is meticulously organized into thematic sections, ensuring easy navigation and targeted learning. With clear definitions and usage examples, learners can grasp the nuances of each word effortlessly.

Interactive exercises and quizzes in each book reinforce comprehension and retention, while access to online resources provides real-world context for the vocabulary learned.

Transcriptions and pronunciation guides accompany every word, facilitating accurate spoken expression and boosting oral proficiency.

Purchasing these books individually would cost $44, but as a bundle, they are available for just $40. By investing in this comprehensive package, learners gain access to a wealth of resources designed to propel them from A1 to B2 proficiency in Russian. Whether for personal enrichment or professional advancement, these books are indispensable tools for achieving fluency in the language.

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