This FREE Russian vocabulary book is different because..

I've taught hundreds of students how to speak Russian from scratch. And they've made themselves comfortable with Russian speakers.

I'm Igor Black, the most motivated teacher. My method's been used by hundreds of students in tens of different countries to speak Russian
The results have been amazing.. the first one talks with wife's family, the second uses the language in daily life with friends and family. The others - work in international companies

But I get most excited about all of the "simple students" that I've helped overcome language barriers and ENJOY learning a new language

It all started in the Dark Ages of 2014 when I accidentally found 2 students on Taiwan...


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  • I HAVE

    Different tense – different translation. Russian grammar is pretty tricky, so be sure to remember these 6 important rules

  • I don’t understand

    One place lots of Russian learners get stuck is on understanding some sentences.

  • How to pronounce 11-19

    How to pronounce 11-19

  • Where, куда или где?

    some students have problems with indication the direction, I hope this video will make it clear

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