Confused by similar Russian verbs and tricky prepositions?

Don’t worry! My Telegram channel is here to simplify them for you in an enjoyable and understandable way, perfect for beginner to intermediate learners (A1-B2 levels).

What do you get here?

🚀 Master Russian verbs and prepositions with ease. Learn verbs like “знать,” “прознать,” “узнать” and prepositions like “при,” “за,” “по.” I use simple examples to guide you.

⏰ Daily Quizzes: Challenge your knowledge and retention with our everyday quizzes that come with concise explanations for your understanding.

🎯 Track your progress with monthly tests. See your improvement clearly.

🎧 Every post comes with my pronunciation guide. Hear and master Russian sounds with ease.

💬 Got questions? Our private Telegram group is a supportive space to ask and learn. You can also reach out to me privately. 

Who should join?

Busy folks who want clear, easy-to-follow lessons to learn at their own pace.

Students seeking extra practice to strengthen their language skills.

Language lovers wanting to delve deeper into Russian.

Travelers planning a trip to Russia and wanting to prepare.

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Subscriber Testimonials

“Clear explanations and convenient”
“I love the clear explanations and variety between lessons and quizzes on this channel. It’s super easy to use and convenient. The best part is I can learn at my own pace, without any time limits”

“Always learning something new”
“Despite having a solid grasp on the Russian language (I received a B2 last year), I always learn something new here! For instance, I wasn’t sure how to correctly use prefixes with verbs, and thanks to you, I now understand them better. Thank you for this!”

“Smooth and effective learning journey”
“I really appreciate this channel. Although I don’t always have enough time to use all the content, your approach works for me. It has made my learning journey smoother and more effective. Thanks a lot”