🔄 “Difference” Method on Telegram: [B1-B2]

Boost your Russian skills with our special Telegram channel! Focused on the unique “Difference” Method, we unravel tricky parts of the Russian language like similar sounding words or phrases. Enjoy engaging daily posts, fun quizzes, and direct support from an experienced teacher.

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Master Russian with the “Difference” Method on our Telegram channel!

Are you trying to learn Russian at a B1-B2 level but often get confused with similar words or phrases? Our Telegram channel uses a unique method to make your learning easier and more effective.

“Difference” Method – Making Russian Easier

Our teaching method is simple but powerful. We focus on one topic at a time, helping you understand the small differences between similar words or phrases in Russian. This approach helps you learn more effectively and remember better.

What’s Inside?

When you join our Telegram channel, here’s what you get:

📚 Daily Posts: Three times a day, we share posts about different aspects of Russian language, designed for B1-B2 level learners.

📝 Weekly Quizzes: Test your knowledge and track your progress with our regular quizzes.

🧠 Daily Fun Quizzes: Learn and have fun with our daily interactive quizzes.

🤔 Ask the Teacher: Stuck with a tough word? Ask away! Our teacher is here to help.

Affordable Learning

All this is available for only $5.90 a month!

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