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Boost your Russian learning with our innovative “Difference” Method on Telegram! Unravel confusing Russian words like ‘сейчас’ and ‘теперь’, with focused daily posts, quizzes, and expert support. Ideal for A1-A2 level learners.

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Master Russian easily with the “Difference” Method on our Telegram channel!

Are you just starting your Russian learning journey or at A1-A2 level, and often get stumped by similar words like ‘сейчас’ and ‘теперь’? Our Telegram channel uses a unique, scientifically-backed method to make your learning simpler and more effective.

“Difference” Method – Unraveling Russian

Our teaching method focuses on one thing at a time – the differences between similar Russian words or phrases. By forming mental links between these words, your brain can understand and remember better.

What’s Inside?

Join our Telegram channel and benefit from:

📚 Daily Posts: We share three posts every day, all about different aspects of the Russian language. Each post is tailor-made for A1-A2 level learners.

📝 Daily and Weekly Quizzes: Test your learning and see your progress with our regular quizzes.

🤔 Ask the Teacher: Have a question? Just ask! Our experienced teacher is ready to help.

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Get all these learning benefits for just $5.90 a month!

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