Advanced Russian Stories on Telegram: B1-B2

Advanced Russian Through Stories” is an engaging B1-B2 level course accessible via my Telegram channel. I incorporate real-life stories, daily vocabulary, and interactive exercises to make your Russian language learning experience fun and effective. Join before August for a FREE trial week. Start improving your Russian in a unique, enjoyable way today. Try for free now

Only 6,90$ / month

Introducing “Advanced Russian Through Stories”, an innovative approach to learning Russian that combines storytelling and practical exercises.

This engaging course, accessible through our Telegram channel, is designed to help B1-B2 level learners enhance their Russian language skills in an enjoyable and effective manner. The program integrates real-life Russian stories, daily vocabulary, and interactive activities to ensure comprehensive learning.

By joining our program, you’ll experience:

  • Contextual Learning: Familiarize yourself with common situations, from family life to daily occurrences in the lives of Russians. This contextual understanding aids in assimilating the language more naturally, making you sound just like a local.
  • Daily Learning Routines: Every day, we provide three posts including a new words test, a story time session, and a comprehension check. This way, we ensure consistent and incremental learning.
  • Interactive Assistance: Have any questions? You’re always welcome to engage in conversations on the channel or send direct messages for more personalized help.

Here’s what our learners have to say about us:

🎩 “It was incredibly useful. I’ve already learned 3 new words.”
📚 “Useful, but it required a few tries to fully understand and translate the text.”
💌 “I love this! The preparatory vocabulary before the story is especially helpful.”
💡 “Learning words with context in this format is really helpful.”

Special Offer: Join before August and enjoy a FREE trial week. Experience our unique teaching approach and watch your Russian language skills improve.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make learning Russian fun and easy. Join us and our community of passionate Russian learners today.


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