“The Hulk likes to smashes things” – the Hulk at A2

You should have a working vocabulary of about 1500 words 

Here you can have some real conversations. I’m sure you can talk very basically about your family, your past, a movie you saw, your favorite foods, things like this. But they’re still simpler, and every sentence is sprinkled with “um’s” while you search for the word. You’re pretty dependent on your speaking partner slowing down and working with you a lot, but it’s not quite so painful for them.

All you need to become more confident is to learn 900-1000 words more – that’s where the B1 level begins. With 2500 words you can deal with most situations while traveling. You can talk about topics which are familiar or of personal interest. You can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions

That why I prepared for you a simple PDF with 300 words, which will be a good start for your new challenge

Make your first steps towards B1 level of Russian vocabulary just for 1.90$