Your Essential Guide to Russian Listening Practice on Telegram​

Learn Russian the Smart Way​

Specially Designed for Your Level: Crafted for A1-A2 level Russian learners, the method delivers a consistent and comfortable pace throughout your learning journey.

A Unique Approach: I walked away from the traditional textbook lessons to short, engaging real-life stories from Russians across themes like family, observations, failures, childhood, and work. This unique method provides a rich cultural context and helps you understand and speak the language as it’s actually spoken.

Triple-Layered Learning: Each day, I provide three posts for optimized learning:

  1. Pre-Story Vocabulary Test – I introduce new vocabulary, giving you a short quiz to check your understanding.

  2. Listen to the Story – You listen to an audio story related to the vocabulary, pronounced at both slow and fast pace.

  3. Post-Story Understanding Check – I provide a bilingual Russian-English text for you to verify your understanding and translations.

Interactive & Engaging: I believe in learning through interaction. You can ask questions, get clarifications, and engage in conversations in the channel or via DM.

What People Are Saying 📣

Read feedback on the listening method:

📬 “This is a good way to learn Russian especially for someone busy like me. I eagerly wait for your lessons.”

🎧 “The slow version, followed by normal speech, is very helpful.”

🌟 “This format really helped me learn words in context. It’s cool!”

📘 “Short stories are very useful. I liked the idea of explaining useful words in Russian first and then providing the English translation.” 

For Just $6.90/Month, Level Up Your Russian!

Everyday stories, word tests, and quizzes await you! Dive deeper into the language and ask your questions anytime. All of this and more for only $6.90 a month.

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