'Difference' Method: Your Telegram Russian Guide

Are you struggling with the subtle differences in Russian vocab like ‘некогда‘ and ‘никогда‘, or grammatical constructions like ‘тот же самый‘ and ‘такой же‘? I get the struggle – and I’ve designed something that can make your Russian learning path a lot smoother.

Understanding the "Difference" Method

In the “difference” method we take two or more Russian words and explore how they’re alike or different. 

Our brain cells are really good at linking different bits of information together. This idea, known by scientists as ‘Hebb’s Law,’ is often said like this: ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’. 

By using this method, you’re tapping into the natural strengths of your brain to remember Russian words more effectively. 

One Topic, Better Results

Think about a boxer training for a big match. They spend a lot of time perfecting just one punch. This helps them to get really good at it.

The “Difference” method works the same way. We focus on just one thing – spotting what’s the same and what’s different. By doing this, just like the boxer, we can get really good at it. 

This focused approach is the most effective way to develop your Russian skills. It’s a simple technique, but it’s proven to be incredibly effective.

Just for You - B1 and B2 Learners

With 7 years of teaching experience, I’ve taught numerous intermediate and upper intermediate students, many of whom were university students. Their questions were often tough and tricky.

That’s why I created a Telegram channel specifically for B1-B2 level students. I really wanted the channel to be highly relevant to you and your level.

So, every post and every quiz on the channel is made with your level in mind. This way, your learning journey is more personalized and beneficial.

Inside the Subscription

Here's what you'll find when you join us:

📚 Three posts a day, crafted just for you at the B1-B2 level. We’ll dive into the details of Russian grammar and vocabulary – like the difference between ‘насколько’ and ‘настолько’. Each post is a step on your journey to mastering the language.

🔊 Audio Assistance: Every post is accompanied by an audio pronunciation. Perfect your accents and intonations by hearing exactly how each word and phrase sounds in real Russian. Speak confidently and authentically

📝 Monthly quizzes – these are your chance to show off what you’ve learned and see how far you’ve come.

🧠 Interactive daily quizzes – think of these as a bonus post, but even more fun. They’re a great way to make sure everything’s sinking in.

🤔 Your Questions Matter: Have a question about a tricky word? Feel free to ask! You can reach out on the channel or shoot me a direct message. The more involved you get, the better your memory will be. We’re in this journey together!

🎧 As you’ve already got a B1 or B2, the explanations will be in both Russian and English. This will enhance your learning experience as you get to interact more with the language. The dual language approach is also a great way to ensure nothing gets lost in translation!

Learner Testimonial Corner

Despite already being quite proficient in Russian, I'm continuously discovering something new here! I had been struggling with certain aspects of grammar, but now I'm seeing improvements every day. I really don't have any suggestions for improvement - everything is already excellent!
Thanks. I appreciate everything about this channel. The well-crafted posts, the quizzes and even the dual language approach. It's all contributing to my progress.

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