“Hulk Smash” – the Hulk at A1

When you’re at the A1 level, you will have a rough working vocabulary of about 400-600 words. 

600 words may sound like a lot, but it’s a surprisingly limited set in a spoken language. You’ll be able to explain simple things in a very basic way and interact with native speakers only if they really are willing to slow down and work with you.

This is a super important point. At A1, you’re not having really sophisticated conversations with people. Think Paulo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend from the first season of Friends. You can get things across, but it’s not going to be easy on anyone involved.

But the A2 level is pretty close to you. All you need is 700-800 words more. You’ll have a working vocabulary of about 1400 words + this level allows you to take Russian citizenship. At this level you can have some real conversations.

I prepared for you a simple PDF book with 300 words, which will be a good start for your new challenge.


These 300 words will make you really close to A2 level in vocabulary – get them below just for 1,90$: