'Difference' Method: A1-A2 Telegram Russian Guide

Stuck in the loop of confusing Russian words like ‘сейчас‘ and ‘теперь‘, or ‘так‘ and ‘такой‘? I know how you feel – and I’ve got something that could make your language journey a whole lot easier. 

Understanding the "Difference" Method

In the “difference” method we take two or more Russian words and explore how they’re alike or different. 

Our brain cells are really good at linking different bits of information together. This idea, known by scientists as ‘Hebb’s Law,’ is often said like this: ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’.

By using this method, you’re tapping into the natural strengths of your brain to remember Russian words more effectively. 

One Topic, Better Results

Think about a boxer training for a big match. They spend a lot of time perfecting just one punch. This helps them to get really good at it.

The “Difference” method works the same way. We focus on just one thing – spotting what’s the same and what’s different. By doing this, just like the boxer, we can get really good at it. 

This focused approach is the most effective way to develop your Russian skills. It’s a simple technique, but it’s proven to be incredibly effective.

Just for You - Elementary or A1-A2 Learners

For seven years, I’ve taught Russian online, mostly to A1-A2 learners. During this time, I’ve gathered hundreds of real-life questions from these students. 

This inspired me to make a program just for these levels. This means the questions you’ll see are really suited to you and where you’re at with your Russian skills right now.

Every day’s post, each quiz, and all the content are made just for you, keeping all this in mind.

Inside the Subscription

Here's what you'll find when you join us:

📘 Three daily posts, exploring the differences in Russian grammar and vocabulary (like ‘ни за что’ and ‘не за что’). Each one is a small step towards a better understanding and greater mastery of the language.

🔊 Pronunciation Guides: Each post comes with an audio pronunciation to help you in your learning journey. Hear the differences, not just see them. Enhance your understanding and mastery of Russian, right from the sounds and intonations. Don’t just read it, listen to it

🎲 Monthly quizzes – your chance to check how well you’ve got the hang of the differences between these words.

🧠 Interactive daily quizzes – think of these as a bonus post, but even more fun. They’re a great way to make sure everything’s sinking in.

Your Questions Matter: Got a query about certain word differences? Feel free to ask! You can send your questions via the channel or DM. When you engage actively, your memorization skills skyrocket.

Learner Testimonial Corner

Love the unique approach to language learning on this channel! My time is often limited, but I find the content so engaging and worthwhile that I make sure to catch up. The way the materials are presented is clear and easy to understand. A truly worthwhile investment.
Emily, USA
Thanks. The clarity of the explanations and the variety of content, including quizzes, are truly enriching my Russian. I particularly appreciate the examples given in context - it's been so helpful.
Sophia, United Kingdom​

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